Rila Mountains in Bulgaria and Universal White Brotherhood

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(Note: “White Brotherhood”- ‘White’ stands as a symbol for spiritual purity and has no any reference with race)

Here is the book and there is the picture on back of it- a circle of thousands of people dressed in white, dancing in the high mountains of Rila. As soon as I saw that, I said- I’m one of them. So in order for the circle to be made, I must show up and be there. And I feel very connected to Bulgaria. – Irena Nickels, California, USA

Irena is one of many other people from all over the world, who attend the White Brotherhood annual gathering at the Seven Rila Lakes in Bulgaria. People from different religious backgrounds dance together in the high mountains of Rila and accept the paneurhytmy as a universal dance. Paneurhytmy creates harmony and unity with nature and it’s an expression of all human values.

The Universal White Brotherhood is a religious movement founded in Bulgaria in the early XXth century by Peter Deunov. The group proposes a Christian esoterism, characterized by prayer, meditation, breathing exercises, yoga of nutrition and paneurhytmy.

Seven Rila Lakes

If you want to attend this unique event, it would take you a special planning. The White Brotherhood gathering is an annual event usually occurring August 15-20. The information about the event is updated and posted every year on the main website of White Brotherhood However, they still don’t have it translated in English. Their email address is or you can call them at +359897099147

The path to the Seven Rila Lakes

From Sofia, which is the capital of Bulgaria, you need to get on a small bus to Hija Pionerska in Rila Mountains. It is about 2 and a half hour drive. From Hija Pionerska, you hike up to Hija Seven Lakes. The hike is about 3 hours. Contact the White Brotherhood, asking if you can sign up to get on one of their buses and where exactly they would be picking up the event participants. Each year this information varies, so the best way is to contact them.

The White Brotherhood tent camp

What would you need to bring with you?

1. About 150 leva ($100) for transportation and for your time in the tent camp
2. Tent
3. Backpack
4. Sleeping bag (the weather up there can get really cold in the night)
5. Extra warm, light blanket
6. Camping mattress/sleeping pad
7. Good pair of hiking boots + Pair of flip flops for hanging around the tent during the day
8. Warm and comfy hiking clothes (pants, t-shirts, sweaters, etc.)
9. Warm jacket + Light jacket + Rain jacket (weather can be warm in the day and really cold in the night)
10. Good hiking socks (few pairs)
11. Flashlight
12. Tent rain cover
13. Food (bread, veggies, fruits, tea, nuts, sweets, etc.)
14. Camp gas stove (if you plan on cooking)
15. Eating utensils
16. Sunscreen
17. Hat (winter, summer) + warm Gloves
18. Matches
19. Knife
20. Emergency kit

Meeting the sunrise
Paneurhythmy in Rila Mountains
White Brotherhood followers in Rila

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